Visitors day

If you are not able to attend the entire festival and still want to breathe a bit of festival air – join us for one day. We will keep the 10 places available for that day. Aware that you are stepping into a fully running festival. 

More info will be out soon!

Our request is that you arrive before 9 o’clock so that you are able to start the day with all of us in the morning circle. There is no departure time as such. You are invited to stay on till the evening circle and maybe even for the evening activities if there is anything on.

Please hold an awareness that you will be walking into a festival with about 60 people who have already spent five days together sitting in workshops, circles and empathy groups. There will be workshops on and you are invited to join.

We invite you to arrive with curiosity more than expectation.

Food will be available for the day and we ask for a donation between 15-30EUR.

We are looking forward!


IMPORTANT: please get in touch if you intend to come to the visitors day. It is not a “turning up” thing. We really want to know how many people to expect and what your intentions are to join.