The Team 2019

The core team for your #2 Austrian NVC Summer Festival.
Kersten Isabel Kloser-Pitcher


“Hi, I am Kersten – also known as Flora. 😉

I love beauty and life! – especially in summer.

I believe that talking to people is one of our life challenges. Growing these skills in a loving, connecting and fun environement like an NVC Summerfestival is a wonderful opportunity to spend the holidays and grow at the same time.  Learning and understanding more and more what it means to be human is siginificant for the time we live in and for our ability to find peace.

I love to organize and host big spaces and pour my creativity and care into it. Hosting the Austrian NVC Summerfestival with my fellow organizers Marion and Harry is a delightful and nourishing way to meet my need for contribution.”

Kersten lives in Vienna with her two kids Rose & Merlin and her husband Harry. She is a certified trainer for Nonviolent Communication, offering Trainings in an around Vienna.

Marion Murzek


“Hi, this is Marion,

I am doing the NVC thing 😉 since 2009 and I love providing space for people in any way and any kind. Being present however and wherever I am is what I am constantly working at.

Since last year Kersten and Harry have 2 children and the Austrian NVC Summerfestival is our corporate child, now two years old.

I am happily looking forward to see you on the next Austrian Summerfestival!”

Harry Edgar Kloser-Pitcher

“I am a food lover, a keen classical piano player and a great fan of hugs! – I love playing with spices and I am a believer in the healing power of food and extracts.thumbnail-8
I have lived with NVC as part of my family household for the last 12 years, sharing NVC practice days and family spaces with my mother Gayano and stepfather Jason in the sheep filled land of Wales. A few years ago I encountered the work of Robert Gonzales and feel deeply in love with the work surrounding the “Beauty of Needs”.

I have worked with food professionally since the age of 12, later working in health food shops and expanding my knowledge of vegetarian and other health food. I has been sharing food in NVC workshops and events now for 7 years and I especially love cooking for large family camps and eventslike this one!

I believe that the kitchen area and the energy created in the kitchen is what makes food yummy and I especially loves being part of a community eating and living together.”