The Intentions

How do we Live Together?
(Shared Intentions)

The Intention of compassion

As this is an NVC festival, we ask you to arrive with the intention to connect in compassion – to think and act within the consciousness of NVC and to live, as much as possible, in alignment with the teaching of Marshall Rosenberg. Our intention is the co-creation of spaces where everybody’s needs are heard and acknowledged to the best of our capacities.

The potential juiciness of these camps lies in our ability to be supported by each other when we hit difficulties in holding our intentions and longings.

The Intention of Co-Creation

There will not be a pre-planned program for this festival – and as such we ask you to come with the intention of joining us in co-creating each day anew with us.

We will have a basic structure for the day which will include a morning and evening circle as well as slots for offerings and requests – and aside form this we invite you to join in creating the camp that you want to be a part of.

The Intention of Shared Understanding

Though we are hosting and organising this festival in Austria, it is open to anyone with a desire to attend – as such we are planning to use English as the main language to be used at the camp.

This should mean that most of the workshop spaces and offerings will be in English. This does not mean that there is no room for other languages – the richness and diversity that the various languages can bring are deeply celebrated – and we ask that for most spaces and for the sake of shared understanding that English is as much as possible the language used in the group sessions.

The Intention of Village-Mindedness
The Work 

It is our longing that the people attending the festival come with the intention of creating our village together during our time – as such we are not creating specific weekly roles for those coming along – we are instead asking that everyone coming to the festival sign up at the beginning of the week for various slots of supportive and community volunteering.

This could be anything from clearing the space after lunch or breakfast to sweeping the playroom, being with the children for a time or helping the cook for an hour to prepare our lunch – hopefully if everyone is willing to share in these tasks for a hour or so during the week then all our need will be met and easy.

Kitchen Volunteers

As well as asking everyone at the camp for their willingness to contribute to the keeping, cleaning and beautifying of our village, we would love to find maybe 4 people with willingness in them to contribute an hour of their time each day to supporting in the kitchen.

At many of these festivals it is a normal process to offer a reduced price to one or two people in return for them putting an extra 3 or more hours each day of work into the kitchen, and this is one possibility – though we are holding an awareness that often the people who most need a reduction in price are sometimes also the people who have less resources to give – young families for instance – and we are wanting to give people the opportunity to offer an hour of their time each day freely, rather than being based solely on paying less – please let us know on the registration form if this is something that might sound fun for you.

The children

Some people will be coming to the festival with children – and we ask that, for our time at together, all of us take on an awareness of the small people around us, even if they are not yours.

In a village environment we know that we are all deeply and intrinsically connected, and that the child of one person in the village is also connected to us as well – we ask that you take a pause to check in with, support and be mindful of both the children and the adults around you and, though we will be speaking to this in the opening circle, to allowing yourself to “see” what is needed in your immediate space – to cultivate a village-mindedness.

The Intention of Living

We have specifically chosen to offer space for only one or two workshops each day during this festival, rather than the more traditional 3 or 4. The reason for this is that we are wanting to allow more room for the simplicity of being together – space to have rich conversations and dialogues, time to watch and play with children, time to share the consciousness on NVC with other people and families whilst swimming in the lake or hanging out in the playground.

Our encouragement in this is to really allow ourselves the space and time to breathe into what it might be like to be to live together as a “village”, to really embrace those longings for community, belonging, presence, and to check out what it is like to need and be needed by each other.