Festival Costs

The costs for the festival will include food and accommodation (in the house or camping) running from dinner on the evening of 10th August 2019 and ending with lunch on the 17th August 2019.

Also included will be generally needed items for workshops – there will be paper, pens, markers and flip charts etc on site.

prices 2

If you consider sleeping in a tent – please get in touch! We are alreday running short of tent-space. thank you!!

There will be an additional cost of 8 euros per person for the week for those of you wishing to use the onsite duvet covers etc – this cost is not needed if you are bringing your own bedding.

(Prices include breakfast, lunch and dinner, vat and visitors tax – Shower and Toilets are available on each floor. 

Please Bear in Mind – For those of you bringing babies (the under 3 age group) – that the venue charges us per bed used – as such we can only offer the much cheaper price for the under 3 age group if they are either sharing a bed inside with an adult or if you bring your own travel cot/mattress/blankets for them to sleep with.

The Prices also cover the accommodation cost of the 3 organisers and their support)

There are quite a number of 4 bedded rooms and our intention would be to find a way for individual families to stay together in one room for the most part – this can be requested and sorted out during registration.

Financial Support and Gifts

We would love it if money were not the reason someone chooses not to attend the festival – as such we will be applying to the Austrian Nonviolent Communication network for money in order to help fund and support you in coming if your financial situation leaves you unable to come despite a longing to be with us – please get hold of us and we will do what we can to support you in being with us.

An invitation from us is that if you feel at ease with your finances to consider paying more than the requested amount – this money will be added to the grant from the Austrian network to help those with less.


The organisers of the festival are offering the work as a gift to the community, rather than putting money in on top of the accommodation and food in order to be payed – the act of the festival happening here in Austria is a gift to us and a gift to bring to the people and families of Austria.

We will however accept donations from people at the end of the camp – if you feel moved to contribute financially to the work and time of the organisers it is gratefully received.