Welcome to the #2 Austrian NVC Summerfestival!!!

Living Nonviolent Communication.

This is our invitation to you. Welcome to this page!

Welcome to the festival!

This festival centres around the practice and living of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), meeting people with similar interests, learning from one-another, offerings of trainings, and living in a temporary village-minded community based on the principles of longing, values and mutual agreements.

During our days of living, loving and learning alongside each other we will hope to be holding the intention of connection in our hearts – whether coming as friends, families or alone, the hope and the invitation is to enter in to the spirit of our shared village space with authenticity and open-heartedness.

Please check out these links to find out a bit more about our venue, program and intention and we will hope to be spending some time in the sun together soon. Registration is open!

“My ultimate goal is to spend as many of my moments in life as I can in that world that the poet Rumi talks about, ‘a place beyond rightness and wrongness.” – Marshall Rosenberg


The festival is kindly supported by netzwerk-austria-logo-mitgliederseite-2